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A few notes on the sanitization and safety measures we’re standardizing within our facility:


Cleaning & Sanitation

Our teams have implemented precautionary sanitization standards, developed using the guidance and information provided by local health authorities and government requirements.

We have increased the frequency of facility-wide disinfection, focusing on high-touch surfaces and public spaces, including, but not limited to, doorknobs, handrails, elevator buttons, the front desk, public bathrooms, and rehabilitation equipment.

In addition, our food services team has implemented new precautionary measures, including disinfecting all kitchen surfaces multiple times a day and wearing gloves and masks when cooking, cleaning, and serving.


To ensure a safe and healthy environment, we have discontinued all public activities for the time being. Our staff members perform daily checks on our residents and spend one-on-one time with them to increase socialization. In addition, family members and friends of residents can schedule a time to FaceTime or call their loved ones during the day. Please call our facility if you are interested in doing that, and our staff will help you connect with your loved one.

social distancing

Social Distancing

All residents are required to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from each other. Our public areas, including our rooftop deck and dining room, have been rearranged to ensure appropriate distancing is met. In addition, we have reduced elevator occupancy. All staff members are practicing physical distancing from our residents and employees whenever possible.


Temperature & Well-Being Checks

We take the temperature of every staff member upon entry to our facility during the beginning of their shift and upon exiting the facility at the end of their shift. In addition, we take the temperature of our residents six times per day. Any staff member with a fever, signs of illness, or virus symptoms will stay at home and quarantine until a test has been taken. Any resident that exhibits the same will be moved to a specified area in our facility until a diagnosis has been made. If the resident’s COVID-19 test returns as negative, the resident will be returned to his or her room. If the test returns as positive, the resident will be placed in our Red Zone, an area specified to house COVID patients. 

Protective Equipment Care & Hand Hygiene

We understand that proper protective equipment and frequent hand hygiene are vital to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We require all staff and residents to wear face masks at all times (unless the resident is in his or her bedroom). In addition, our entire team is specially trained in proper safety measures. In addition to wearing masks, they wear gloves and strictly follow all CDC and public safety guidelines to provide a safe environment for our residents. Lastly, we have multiple hand-sanitizer dispensers throughout the facility for our staff and residents to use.

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